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    Our mission statement is "We exist to worship God and to make Him known to others." You can find out more about our beliefs here.

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  • Our Programme

    We have always felt that we should avoid doing things because we have always done them. Rather we should be involved in purposeful activities that God has led us into. This means that our programme is often quite different from other churches. We believe the same things as other mainline churches, but frequently organise ourselves a little differently. So as a church we are at present spending time listening to God and his direction for us as we enter 2017. We are excited about what he is saying to us and feel that 2017 is going to be an interesting year. 

    We have spent time learning about the art of "crafting prayers" recently. God has a purpose for every aspect of our lives and our church's life. If we can, by listening to him, get an idea of his plan for that part of our life or our church's life, then we can come up with a prayer which will be in His will. Prayers in His will He will answer... though we may need to wait of course.

    Our programme is set out for the next few months in the calendar.

    Also, check out the latest updates about LVLC which is booming with God's blessing supporting young people at risk of exclusion from their schools to achieve their Maths and English GCSE's. 



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     #Surrender 01
    Brian's introduction to our November sermon theme, Surrender.